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Here's my collection of top 10 (un)common websites. They are perfect for killing some time!

1. Zoom Quilt

This website is (apparently) able to zoom in its background image over and over, displaying lots of new details. I have put it to the test several times, and it didn't disappoint!

2. Rainy Mood

Want to relax? Then do it with Rainy Mood, which can help you focus, relax and sleep.

3. Cleverbot

Trust me, this is one clever bot you'll want to chat with for hours!

4. Salmon of Capistrano

Do you like salmon? If the answer is affirmative, you've got to visit this website.

5. Exit Mundi

How will our world end? We don't know for sure yet, but there are several possibilities. This website shows dozens of possible scenarios.

6. Make Everything OK

I know you've got some problems. Everyone does! But wouldn't it be nice to fix them all by simply going to a website and pressing a button? Cheer up, for this site actually exists!

7. Click to remove

Yeah, you've got to click those letters to remove them. Can be addictive!

8. The faces of Facebook

Can you believe it? This site has gathered the Facebook profile photos for all the members. Visit it, and then click anywhere on the screen to see several hundreds of images.

9. Eat this much

I've got to admit that this site is kind of common. I mean, it is useful! It asks you how many calories you'd like to eat today, and then it gives you a three meals plan. Can help if you are a little overweight.

10. A good movie to watch

Feeling bored? This site will recommend a good movie for you.